Young woman with long brown hair wearing a light pink blouse stands with her arms crossed next to a neon sign that reads Jefa-Owned Juntos Crecemos. The background is the inside of her restaurant and a Pepsi cooler.  Mujer joven con cabello castaño largo

Jefa-Owned for a Brighter Tomorrow

What makes a Jefa? A Jefa is a Latina boss that breaks down barriers and never gives up on her dreams, her community, or her family. A Jefa knows that starting your own business takes blood, sweat, and lágrimas, but fearlessly does it anyway.

PepsiCo invites all Jefas to step into the spotlight and apply for the Juntos Crecemos Hispanic Digital & Delivery Program. Besides getting expert one-on-one coaching and resources, the first 40 Latina small business owners to complete the eight-week consultation curriculum of the Juntos Crecemos Hispanic Digital & Delivery Program will receive an exclusive Jefa-Owned neon sign in honor of your hustle - for everyone to see.

The first-ever Jefa-Owned neon sign, designed by PepsiCo, along with limited-edition merchandise, designed in collaboration with Latina lifestyle brand Hija de tu Madre, celebrate the heart and soul Latinas bring to the table.

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Jefa-Owned Miami

Hispanic Digital and Delivery Program

The Hispanic Digital & Delivery Program is a personalized, expert consultation designed to provide immediate and lasting improvements to restaurants, bodegas, and carnicerías. Selected businesses work with a team of advisors over an eight-week period to level-up delivery logistics, technology, marketing, and SEO.

  • Strengthen your online presence through search engine optimization, online review response strategy and marketing tactics
  • Optimize online ordering tactics by choosing the right ordering provider, designing your online menu and utilizing menu photographs and descriptions
  • Build the infrastructure to get your kitchen operations and delivery logistics moving fast
Hija de tu madre.  Daughter of your mother.

A Collection for Jefas

We’re celebrating all the Latina business owners who turned on their own light through a limited-edition collection in collaboration with Latina lifestyle brand Hija de tu Madre.

Founded by Latina entrepreneur Patty Delgado, the capsule collection inspires us to keep shopping, supporting, and investing in our Jefa community. Support Jefa-Owned by purchasing our collaboration available on National Jefa Day, March 31, at*.

*Click on the link to be redirected to, a third-party website, for more information on the exclusive collection.

Nayomi Mendoza
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I’m a Latina business owner, and I’ve seen so much adversity through that. To have found this community - the grant is great, but having coaching and someone who supports and believes in you - that’s the true reward of it all.

Nayomie Mendoza
Cuernavaca's Grill

Priscilla Valladares
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This program is empowering women, and I have never seen another vendor do that. At the end of the day, you have a lot of responsibilities as a woman - you have to hold down the household, get a job, and run a business.

Priscilla Valladares
Laguna Market

Claire Risoli
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As a Latina in a male-dominated industry, it makes me feel empowered to know that a brand like PepsiCo is taking brands like us under their wing and doing whatever they can to bring us into the limelight. It’s nice to know that they’re paying attention.

Claire Risoli
Pocha LA